Battle of Saltanovka (Mogilev)


July 23 1812

Bagration’s 2nd Russian Army of the West was ordered to advance on Mogliev and meet the 1st Russian Army of the West between Vitebsk and Orsha. Davout’s I Corps (2 divisions) was sent to Mogliev to keep the two Russian armies separated. On July 20th most of I Corps had reached Mogleiv. On July 21st Davout sent the 3rd Chassuers and the 85th ligne down the Dnieper river bank to find Bagration. They ran into the Russian advanced guard and the 3rd Chasseurs were mauled before the 85th came up to stabilize the situation.

On July 22, Davout wasted no tie in establishing a defensive position on the Reka Fatovka. His left was anchored on the marshes of the Dnieper River through Saltanovka to Fatovka. Davout destroyed the bridge at Fatovka, fortified the villages and built a couple of artillery redoubts. In addition, he had the bridge at Staryi-Byhov destroyed preventing Bagration from crossing the Dnieper there.

Bagration assigned Raevsky to attack on the morning of the 23rd to perform a reconnaissance in force with his VII Corps and IV Cavalry Corps. If successful, Bagration planned on pressing on to Mogilev and cross the Dnieper there to join Barclay De Tolly.

They launch their assault about 07:00. The game will last for as many turns (hours) as the players choose. The historical battle will be six (6) hours. The what if scenario is Bagration has committed a major effort to break through to Mogilev. That game will last 15+ turns or until a conclusion can be made.